Defense Grid 2

I was responsible for creating various assets and other works, including but not limited to..
-Walkable Surfaces
-Building Sets
-Environmental Details
-Level Layouts and Detailing

Environment Artist
Hidden Path
Mar 2013
Video Game

Mission 04-Overlook

Mission 06-Rapid Collapse

Mission 07-Split Decision

Mission 01-Threshold

Most of the environment detail was created and placed by myself, with the help of some colleagues

Mission 02-Supply And Demand

Mission 10-Breach

Mission 20-Backlash

Mission 14-Surface Tension

Mission 07-Split Decision

Mission 05-Barrage

Mission 16-Double Take

Mission 15-Refuge

DG2 “MOB” Entrances 02

DG2 “MOB” Entrances 01

DG2 “Beach” Foliage set

DG2 “Desert” Foliage set

DG2 “Crystal” set

DG2 “Industrial Walls” Set_04

DG2 “Industrial Walls” Set_02

DG2 “Space Walls” Set_01

DG2 “City Buildings” Set